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A HELIX Digital Twin allow you to review your entire building without visiting. Share details with others regardless or distance or access limitations. Store and share building information through a simple, no-software interface.  

HELIX Geometry Capture services can deliver your twin for you.

Laser scanned existing conditions plans, models and photo tours faster than thought possible.

Powerful twin composition tools that make it fast and easy to work with hundreds of photos, scans and models.

Project and building information anywhere, anytime with no special software or training.

HELIX Delivers:

Get a digital copy of you building "in the cloud" quickly, for less. A digital copy of a building makes in-person visits unnecessary. Save time, reach more people and find and share all of the details needed to make smart decisions... fast.

Virtual visits, 2D plans, 3D models, laser point clouds

* 2D plans and virtual tours
* 3D BIM modeling from laser scan

* LiDAR scanning
* Point cloud processing
* Construction project documentation
* Existing conditions documentation
* Project turnover scanning
* Test fits and digital staging
* And much moreā€¦


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